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mortal_engines's Journal

Mortal Engines
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This community is dedicated to the series of books in the "Mortal Engines Quartet"/"The Hungry City Chronicles" by Philip Reeve; Mortal Engines, Predators Gold, Infernal Devices and A Darkling Plain.

When joining this community, please only post things relating to the books, the author, the characters in the books and any other related topics. Fanart, fanfiction, and anything else would be very welcome. Please comment on people's posts as much as possible, and have fun. If you love these books(or want to find out more about them) then this community is for you!
a darkling plain, airships, anchorage, anna fang, anti-traction league, batmunkh gompa, clear air turbulence, darkling plain, dead continent, fox spirits, freya rasmussen, green storm, hester shaw, high ice, hungry city chronicles, ice gods, ice wastes, infernal devices, jenny haniver, london, lost boys, memory chamber, miss pye, miss shaw, mortal engines, moving city's, old tech, philip reeve, predators gold, professor pennyroyal, rasmussen prospekt, screw worm, shrike, sunless country, tom natsworthy, widgery blinkoe, windolene pye, winter palace, wren natsworthy