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Boring post is boring

Hello Guys!
I wanted to introduce myself even though this community seems a bit dead :(
Basically about three years ago I needed a book for my English lesson, and the first book I picked up in the Library was Mortal Engines. I didn't even read the blurb, just brought it to my lesson and began reading.
Oh, random forces of the Universe. Thank you. For three years now I have been obsessed with this series as much as I have Harry Potter, even though I have loved HP since I was seven. That's how much love I have for it.

And TRUFAX, Hester is a very large part of the reason I tried to die my hair auburn (guess what, it went bright red - FAIL), because despite the fact she only has half a face and brutally murders a whole bevy of characters, one time with a typewriter (!), I still have a ridiculously large girlcrush on her. YAY.

This post is so stupid because it's completely unconstructive and of no use to anyone whatsoever. Mods, feel free to delete. 
Anyway it would be cool for you to reply with comments to introduce yourself to me. If you want. I prattle a bit, don't I?

(other fandoms I have are Bones, X Files, Studio Ghibli - Spirited Away ftw, I have seen it five times, one time twice in two days -  Glee, and Law and Order:SVU. Which have nothing to do with anything but if you like these things too then yip, you could be my soulmate. Stop Daisy, with the prattling now, these people don't care about your life). 

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