LJ (bluekiwibubble) wrote in mortal_engines,

Chapter 35

Mortal Engines

Chapter 35
The Cathedral
In which everything goes wrong, for everyone.

Valentine shoved him aside and started up the steps,
through the rising veils of light, the crackling static,
through air that smelled like burning tin.

For tomorrow: Chapter 36


Tags: readalong
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Is Hester's not wanting to kill Valentine anymore a bit of a cop out? I can't decide.

'At the sight of her ruined face the men on the dais froze, as if her gaz had turned them all to stone' I see what you did thar!

You can tell the Engineers don't care about historystuff - they're using the actual ancient documents! Instead of copies! My inner historian had to sit down for a minute. X)

Nothing analytical or insightful today because have a cold, or something. Brain fuzz.