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Chapter 28

Mortal Engines

Chapter 28
A Stranger in the Mountains of Heaven
In which the League loses many things of importance.

Flames flapped and tore in an iron brazier, lighting the
ancient battlements, the sprawled bodies of the rocket
crew and the wild shimmer of swords as Valentine and
Miss Fang battled

For tomorrow: Chapter 29

A note - Things will be a little disrupted this week as Thursday is results day and then I'm away Saturday & Sunday, so I'll be posting two chapters on Wednesday, on Friday and on next Monday. I'll still date them so that they're one a day, just won't post them one a day, so if two chapters turn up at once, that's why. Also if anyone is still here and it's not just me talking to myself (I don't mind, I'm quite enjoying it), then I just want to say yay for you. :]
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